Escape in Nature: The Importance of Getting Away

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Over Easter break, my husband and I had an opportunity to unplug and enjoy a weekend away without technology. It was the most amazing time. We hiked, played games, sat around a campfire and napped. We all know how play is great for development of imagination, dexterity, physical strength, emotional strength and creativity in children. I argue that play is just as important in adults. Having a completely analog weekend forced us to rest and in the end sparked a lot of creativity for how we want to run our businesses, how we are leading our family and how we are spending time together.

Benefits of Play & a Mental health Reset

It is no secret that we are a stressed group of people. We live in a world that is all hustle and no rest. It is easy to get caught up in doing more to look like we have it all together. As someone who struggled with deep depression and anxiety for many years, I have fought through the motions of working hard as a way to cope only to realize the importance of rest and play in my life.

  1. Play relieves stress
  2. Play stimulates the mind and boosts creativity.
  3. Play improves your relationships and your connection to others.
  4. Play keeps you feeling young and energetic.

How does landscape photography help?

Are you wondering how these topics relate to photographing landscapes? I will share with you some things I have learned over the years. It wasn’t until I picked up a camera for the first time that I truly learned to be present. I stopped to notice things. I slowed down. And slowly, day by day my fog lifted and I was able to be fully present with my family. I saw the beauty in creation surrounding me and suddenly my world that was closing in started to get bigger.

There is nothing like being out in nature, listening to the sounds, taking in the scents of freshly blooming spring flowers. This is why I love landscape photography and am passionate about creating art to bring the beauty of this world to others. It is simply amazing!

Slowing Down to refocus

I have been going at the speed of lightning lately. There are so many moving parts to my life. I am in the process of opening a studio in addition to capturing moments for families, seniors and helping small businesses up-level their online marking through amazing photographs. However, in the process I started losing my why. I couldn’t sleep and could barely focus. This is why we decided to take a weekend away. We rented a cabin from Getaway House, locked our phones in a lock-box and spent time together. We napped, we hiked, we hammocked, we read books and we chilled. We did do some business planning but not until the last day and I want to think I was more focused on that last day AFTER I relaxed for a few days.

Even if  you are not a landscape photographer, I will still recommend getting outside. Take a pause. Take a deep breath in and exhale a long breath out. Allow nature to completely envelope you. Unplug from technology and rest. There are so many added benefits and so many things to lose by not taking a break.

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  1. This is so great to hear—and clearly much needed! I’m not sure how easily I could do this, but it definitely sounds intriguing and rewarding!

  2. This is a great post with awesome info. I love the slow down and refocus!!!

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